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tl;dv turns applicant interviews into skimmable recordings, AI transcripts and shareable video snippets. You’ll screen candidates more effectively – and in half the time. Oh, and when you’ve found the perfect candidate – discover how tl;dv makes onboarding a breeze!

Focus on the interview, GPT summarizes your meeting

Still attending candidate interviews with two recruiters just to ensure accurate notes are made? Luckily, tl;dv not only records and transcribes your recruiting interviews on Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Zoom, you can now also summarize important candidate insights with one single click or short-cut. Focus on asking the right questions and finding the perfect candidate, while GPT takes meeting notes for you. Your leadership team will be thankful to catch up on promising candidate interviews in minutes, instead hours, too. Hire faster with AI. Let´s go!

Recruit faster with smarter interviews and follow-ups​

Wondering how to hire a lot of employees quickly? Speed up the recruitment process with tl;dv. When you record and take notes during candidate interviews, you allow stakeholders to provide input faster – and remove the need for them to attend interviews in real-time. Still sharing CVs for input? With the tl;dv clipping function, you can share video snippets that perfectly capture a candidate’s personality and experience.

Effortlessly involve team members in hiring

Is your candidate a good team fit? With tl;dv, you don’t have to wait until they’ve started to find out. Using digital interview highlights, shareable clips, and the ability to tag team members – you’ll gain instant feedback on the most promising applicants in the most time-effective way possible. With tl;dv, it takes only minutes for a team to share their impression of a candidate. Find the perfect match when you effortlessly involve team mates in the recruitment process.

Recieve expert input in half the time

Not an expert in Full Stack Engineering? Don’t sweat it. No one expects recruiters to know the specialisms of their candidates inside-out – but with tl;dv, it doesn’t matter. Tag your organization’s specialists at relevant moments in the interview for expert feedback. There’s no need for stakeholders to attend live interviews when tl;dv offers a fast and reliable way of assessing candidate competence.

Show new recruiters your hiring culture

To attract top talent, you want candidates to leave a virtual interview feeling inspired and assured. Train new recruiters in the interviewing techniques your organization relies on to get the conversations going, set the right expectations, and give a great impression of company culture. tl;dv provides a treasure chest of insights from past calls that will help any new recruiters ace the process.

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"tl;dv is a Customer Superbrain that helps me remember every detail from any customer conversation, and elevate the emotional insights throughout my entire organization"

Susana Loom

Susana de Sousa

Director of Support, Loom

Get the most out of virtual interviews

If you’re looking to scale and simplify your hiring process, tl;dv is the free online interview tool that makes candidate screening a breeze. Install the Chrome browser extension to bring tl;dv into your Google Meet and Microsoft Teams calls, or find out why tl;dv for Zoom is considered one of the best apps for video interviews. For the serious recruiter, tl;dv Pro offers value-boosting features that will take your digital interviews to the next level. Ready to hire a dream team?